A Wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.

Well, it’s been a rather long time since we’ve last spoken hasn’t it? Thanks for dropping by. Life can get pretty busy sometimes. (Though I do try very hard to avoid being busy…) A lot has changed since we last talked, so lets start at the beginning shall we. Go get your tea. (I’m drinking Chai…yum.)


Last year was kind of nuts. We started up work as usual in the beginning of May. Though, we also took on part-time work at a retail shop in Mackinaw City. Enchanted Knights. In addition to that, I had five new historic house members to train and supervise. (They all turned out wonderfully.) We had Rob’s 19 year old cousin, Kevin, come and stay with us for the summer as well.

And to top it all off, we purchased our first home in June of last summer! So we moved to Cheboygan, MI just as we started the busy season for work. Which meant packing up the apartment and moving house, 20 miles, in addition to working full+ time. It was pretty stressful, and a butt-ton of work. There’s lots of things I would do differently if I could do it over again. But the important part is that we are here, and happy as clams.

Ours is a big 2 story home, sits on 1 acre of beautiful woods, about a 5 minute walk from Lake Huron. (We can hear the lake perfectly well, can’t see because of the gorgeous thick woods.) 2,800 square feet + two car detached garage/workshop. And a couple of sheds in the backyard. 4+ Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/kitchen/dining. Library, wet bar, old attached garage (Now dubbed The Cellar.) and a small enclosed two story porch (bottom story is storage.) SO this place is HUGE. Though somehow Murphy’s Law of Stuff (your stuff will expand to fill whatever space you live in.) enacted very quickly, and it was quickly filled with a misc. of things. I’ve just now finally started to get everything under control, sorted and organized. I am a firm believer in organization for efficiency. If everything has an accessible home, then it’s easy to stay tidy. It’s important to first of all throw or give away anything you don’t want, need, or use. Just get rid of the junk. Growing up my Dad would periodically purge our bedrooms. He’d get on these cleaning kicks and just go crazy cleaning the house. When Dad said “we’re cleaning your room this weekend.” there went your whole saturday… It usually went something like this: Dad comes in with lots of big black trash bags. Daughter sits on the bed. Dad opens closet or looks under the bed and goes “OMIGOSH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! LOOK AT ALL THIS! OMIGOSH!” and then spend the next few hours pulling things out “What is this?” … “Do you want it?” … “too bad.” … thunk into the trash it goes. or “then PUT IT AWAY!” … “Why do you have this?” … “Why are there so many fruit snack wrappers?” … and so on and so forth. And usually by the end of the day we’d have thrown out or gave away at LEAST one if not more big black trash bags full of junk.  So when I set my mind to it, I’m pretty good at going through and getting rid of stuff. I spent most of last week unpacking, purging and organizing the Library, Sewing Room and Studio. (yes…i have all those things in my house, and it’s so incredible I can’t even…) I’ve probably tossed out at least three big bags of trash, and given away just as much. And that is where we are going to start part one of the tour of “The Big House in the Little Woods.”

Second Story, Window faces front of the house. Stairs are to the right. Studio and Sewing room to the left.
Second Story, Window faces front of the house. Stairs are to the right. Studio and Sewing room to the left.

Now the house was built in 1977 by a Mr. Wheeler and family. So it is COVERED in wood paneling, and lots of things that make you go “huh, I wonder that that’s for.” Anyhoo, upstairs we have the Library. It’s kind of a weird open landing room. I’ll have to share the floorplan at some point, because the house is set up oddly. It’s not very open, lots of cozy little corners.


Like this one. Orange Kitty is enjoying one of the chairs in the Library. After unpacking all of my books, and eliminating about half of the ones that were given to me, I have managed to fill up all the bookshelves I currently own… Someday I want floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves, a small table and an electric fireplace/stove for heat.


And then we have the sewing room, this is looking in from the library. That dark hallway at the back leads to two guest bedrooms one of the left, one on the right. But I have a sewing desk over by the window where the machine lives. And then the table in the middle of the room to lay out projects and what have-you.



This is standing in that dark hallway looking at the sewing room (and into the library.) As you can see, I quickly ran out of shelf space here too… There is no such thing as too much shelving for optimum organization!





The sewing corner. It’s rather cozy.


And this is my Studio, which is also off of the Library but on the back of the house, rather than the front. I have all of my art supplies in here, painting, drawing, crafting, etc, etc etc.


On the other side of the room looking towards the library. On the right hand side, where that yellow curtain is. There is a door that leads to the enclosed porch upstairs. During the summer I can take out the glass storm windows and have a lovely screened porch to sit on. We Currently have our old couch back there, so it’s the perfect place to read a book and sip some tea on a nice day off. It’s like sitting up in the trees. And the afternoon light is marvelous.


Studio Headquarters! You can see the porch out the window there.


Rob was a dear and helped me take out the closet doors, because they were sliding doors that opened in towards the middle post…so it was just really awkward. At some point I will be hanging curtains over the doors, but in the meantime, I’ve got a mixture of milk crates and hanging shoe organizers to sort all of my artsy fartsy crap. And the built in shelves up top to store little-used items. So that’s it for today. As I get the rest of the house in order we’ll go through those too! Thankfully there is lots and lots of storage in this house, it just takes time. And at the moment we are on Winter retirement so I’m not in and big rush to work all day, though I am going to go have some lemon chicken and rice soup and fresh bread! om nom nom. 


What are your thoughts?

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