Crafts Shows & Christmas

You guys. It’s almost Christmas! I don’t know about you, but Christmas is my Holiday. I love Christmas, I love everything about Christmas! (well almost everything.) The snow, the lights, the food, the cookies, But we’ll talk more about Christmas next time, after I decide what I’m baking/cooking. In the meantime if you are looking for some good cookies recipes, check out my posts from last year for Gingerbread Cookies, Rum balls, Peanut Butter Balls and Butterhorns. (I was going to link to them but it’s not working right now, you can find them all on the homepage.) 

This past weekend Rob and I braved the wintery Michigan roads to make the 300 mile trip from Mackinac to Kalamazoo. There’s a wicked snow belt just south of us, and so as we set off in our tiny borrowed two door volkswagen I said a road prayer and tried not to watch. (Rob was driving.) It’s been snowing for the last two weeks here and started snowing again when we left. Heading down I75 on roads that were snowy and covered in ice, the wind blew our little car back and forth over the road. 100 miles later the road cleared up and it was smooth sailing to Kalamazoo. The next two days were very hectic as we finished up some last minute christmas shopping, and prepping for the Craft Show. I also managed to squeeze in a late night trip to the movies to see the Hobbit on the IMAX. Living in northern Michigan I’m always a little culture shocked when I go back downstate to so much civilization and so many businesses and people all in one place. The movie theatre we went to now serves real food, like hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. (why???) Friday night the snow started falling and by Saturday morning the roads were extremely snowy and it wasn’t showing signs of stopping. We arrived at the expo center early Saturday morning and began setting up for the show. It was still snowing. The doors opened at 9am and people began to barely trickle in. Unfortunately because of the weather the crowds were quite small. Around lunch time there was a small rush of people and I made my first sale! Two of my upcycled aprons. The Banana Marmalade was also a big hit and that’s what I sold the most of. Aside from that it was a quiet day and more browsers than buyers, but having sold a handful of things I consider it a success and look forward to doing more shows up North. 



2013-12-14 09.28.12

2013-12-14 09.28.17

2013-12-14 09.28.21


2013-12-14 09.28.06


My dad built the painting racks for me the night before, and mom packaged the beer bread, both of which were a huge help! I had samples of the bread and marmalade out for people to try and both were a big hit. Early that afternoon I met Chris from Michigan Roots ( He was impressed by the typography of my labels. Chris and his wife Jessica are also from Northern Michigan and run an advocacy group that supports small michigan businesses and musicians. Meeting them made the whole trip and craft show worth it! I sold Chris a half a dozen jars of marmalade to sell in a brick and mortar store they have in East Jordan, with any luck they’ll do well!

All in all I am happy about having done the show, I feel relieved that it’s over and I don’t have to worry about another one for a while. Because it was such a slow day I still have most of my merchandise left over, as you can see in the pictures above. If you are interested in purchasing anything, with the exception of the marmalade, I do have an online store in which to sell things. In the meantime, now that I can once again see the floor of my craft room I have more creating to do! Canvas and paints are calling to me. Enjoy the snow if you have it, I am! I’ll be back to talk about Christmas next week. 



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