Allow me to introduce you,

I have a very unique job. People are always asking me about it, which often leads into probing personal questions. I thought however I would attempt to share some of what it’s like to work as a seasonal employee in one of the most beautiful areas in Michigan. First things first, there’s a bit of lingo that needs to be sorted out so we are all on the same page.

Mackinac, the name of the island I work on. It’s pronounced Mack-In-AW, even though there’s a ‘C’ on the end. The name Mackinac originates from the word Michilimackinac, which is a french variation of the original Native America word, which I’m not even going to try to spell. The main thing to remember if ever you are refering to this beautiful area, it always ends with an ‘AW.’ Which can be really confusing, we have MackinaC Island, we also have the MackinaC Bridge, and MackinaC county. I live in MackinaW City. I know…I know…it doesn’t make any sense. Well they had to differentiate between the island and the mainland somehow! Especially when people started sending stuff through the mail. CM Capture 1

There’s a close-up map for you. Mackinaw City is located at the very tippy top of the lower peninsula of Michigan. The island is in Lake Huron just to the north-east of us. The west side of the bridge is Lake Michigan.

Now you know where we are and how to pronounce it properly, google maps really doesn’t do the area justice, but I’ll be sharing plenty of pictures of this gorgeous area as the summer goes on.

A few other quick notes, around here we refer to our lovely tourists as “Fudgies” why? Because Mackinac Island is famous for it’s Fudge! Nearly everyone has at least a sample before they leave on their vacation…but it’s hard to sample and not be tempted to take home a pound or two of your favorite flavor. Thus they are “Fudgies” a term of endearment for the hordes who journey to our little piece of paradise every year.

I am a Historic House Interpreter, which is shortened to HHI. However we call ourselves ‘Crafties,’ I work for Mackinac State Historic Parks, shortened to MSHP.

We are a seasonal area, our season starts around the beginning of May and ends mid-October. Our Main Season, or busy season, is June through mid-August.

The plan is to share a little bit once a week or as things happen about what it’s like being me, to give you all a little insight into the wonderful world of Living History in our little corner of the world. If you have questions or want to know about something in particular give me a shout.


What are your thoughts?

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