DIY Butterfly Garland


A few weeks ago I stumbled across instructions to make Origami Butterflies, I’ve been resting my hands for a few weeks in an attempt to relieve some of this carpal tunnely pain. They feel much better! However I haven’t been able to do much of my crafting. Which makes me sad and antsy. The butterflies are simple, didn’t require a lot of dexterity or wrist movement. I had visions of rainbow butterflies cascading from a giant embroidering hoop. So I made over a 100 butterflies… Then proceeded to try to string them up!

…to no avail. These butterflies are unbalanced little buggers, after a multitude of attempts I stashed them all in a box and lamented on facebook about these first world problems I was having. A few comments later and I had some ideas about how to proceed. I finally struck upon this garland idea after having given up on my circular rainbow, and am now sharing with you! I made four strands of garland and strung them up around the ceiling of my craft room and I love them! They bring a lot of color and whimsy to the room, and they’re fun to make! So lets get started!

Assemble your supplies!

You will need:

– Origami paper, color and number is entirely up to you

– A hole punch (I used a heart shaped one)

– crochet thread (or some other type of string, thread or yarn.)

– scissors

– thumbtacks (or whatever means you like to attach your garland to your walls/ceiling.)


First step, Make the butterflies. I searched high and low to find the tutorial I used to make my butterflies…can’t find it. I have no idea what this pattern is, and there are tons of different kinds of origami butterflies, these are simple and quick! I made a new set of instructions with pictures for you to follow, I’ve never made origami instructions before so if there’s something unclear in them let me know! You can download the PDF pattern here: Butterfly Pattern (It should open up in a new window)

Put on some Netflix and make as many or as few butterflies as you like! I used 10 butterflies per garland which are 3-4ft long.

Now is also the time to figure out your color scheme if that’s important to you. (it is to me, so I followed the rainbow/color wheel rule. ROYGBIV = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Or in real life it went, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink.)

Once you have your butterflies now it’s time to turn them into Garland!


punch holes in the corners of the butterflies wings, try to make sure you don’t get too close to the edge so the paper doesn’t tear.


That’s more or less what you’re looking for.

03Your butterfly should look like this when you’re done.  Repeat this step with all your butterflies before moving on to expedite your process.


BONUS: All the holes you punch out of the colorful origami paper = funfetti!


Assemble your butterflies! I like to lay them out on the table in the order I want to put them on the garland, saves some thinking time later.


Next cut a really long piece of string, for a 4ft garland I’d estimate about 9ft of string. Then you’re going to fold it in half and thread each side through the first butterfly. I chose to run my string over the top of the butterfly since I’d mostly be looking at them from the bottom. Make sure you leave a 6-8in loop/tail at the end so you have something to pin to the ceiling, without smushing your butterfly!


Keep stringing on butterflies, make sure to keep your strings from crossing


Once you’ve gotten a few on you can space them to your liking. They slide pretty easily along the strings, especially if you can pull it kind of tight. I ended up pinning the starting end to the wall and looping the other end around my camera tripod to stretch out the garland enough that I could space my butterflies easily. *note* if you have kitty helpers like I do, be careful, the dangling string and butterflies is incredibly tempting for them!


Finish of your garlands with 6-8inches and just put a quick knot in it!

10Now you should have a beautiful garland of flying butterflies! Being my first real DIY any feedback is much appreciated and if you make some butterfly friends I’d love to see pictures! Share them here, over on The Bear Wife facebook page, or on pinterest! Leave me a comment so I know where to look. Happy Crafting!


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