How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s spring time…well at least it’s supposed to be springtime. The average temperature here is only about 40 degrees. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning ahead with dreams of a greener, warmer tomorrow!

Every year I grow stuff, sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it’s not. But I always feel the urge to get my hands in the dirt and take great pleasure in watching a seed sprout and grow into a big plant. There is just something about that miracle that makes my heart go pitter patter. I hadn’t planned on growing anything this year, we’re living in an apartment with no yard, I have a few house plants; (A coffee tree, an avocado tree I started last year, a  Stevia bush that’s barely alive and an Aloe plant.) and I was going to be content with that… but this was not to be the case.

So I’ve begun planning my back porch container garden! I had the brilliant idea, inspired by a friend, to use big totes as containers to grow in. So far I’m planning some tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and maybe some potatoes. I’m also hoping to grow a small crop of chamomile and a fairy garden! (If you don’t know what a fairy garden is, go over to pinterest and do a search…you’ll be smitten!) Now that I know what I want, the next step is to do a little research into my plants, head to the store to get supplies and start getting my hands in that dirt! Check out my Dream Garden on pinterest. (opens in a new window.) I’ll be posting updates on my garden as they come.

Copyright 2013 Brianne Crittenden All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2013 Brianne Crittenden All Rights Reserved

I don’t know what most people daydream about…but when I daydream, usually as I’m making the long drive to or from civilization through the woods and small towns of Northern Michigan, I dream about my future garden/nature preserve. That is what I want to leave for my children, and their children and other people’s children and their children. I envision acres of wild land with a management plan designed to help the plants and animals flourish. I envision trails winding through the woods and small natural chapels and resting places to stop and absorb nature. I envision signs and guides to teach about the trees, the flowers, the birds, the beasts. I envision an education center with books upon books of information, games and activities, scavenger hunts. I envision rooms designed to look and feel like an underground animal burrow, a bird sanctuary, and a quiet room with window lined walls where you can sit and watch nature even in the cold of winter. I see families, couples, seniors and school children coming to the preserve to reconnect with nature, with God. Next to my preserve there will be a giant garden with enchanting plants, giant goldfish ponds with walkways all throughout. I want a grass living room set, a sofa, chair, coffee table on a tiled mosaic rug. I want garden games tucked throughout, nooks and cranny’s, toad homes and butterfly feeders, of course this will morph into the food garden where there will be row upon row of vegetables and fruits and herbs grown. There will be fruit trees and fruit bushes and so on and so forth. THAT is the legacy I want to leave behind, a great big garden, a place where nature rules and welcomes those who are weary, who are curious, who seek time spent amongst the great wilds of Michigan. 

Below is a time lapse video of the above drawing being done.


What are your thoughts?

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