Chuggin’ Along

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am itching for spring! We had a three day snow storm leading up to the first day of spring…on which it also snowed!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, I love the snow…but I am ready for spring, for green, for warm, for being able to go for a walk without freezing my nose off!  I have however been keeping quite busy. After a long weekend visiting family I came back home and have spent  most of my time blazing through some more doll dresses. Before I introduce you to them however, here’s a pin-cushion I whipped up the other afternoon. It’s possibly the tiniest quilt square I’ve ever made, but I am becoming rather fond of it! This is the crossed-canoe pattern, which is the pattern I chose for the new quilt we are working on in the 1830’s Biddle house during the summer time.

pin cushion

In my more ambitious dreams, it would be lovely to create a doll sized quilt out of miniature quilt squares….

I designed some dress variations, you know to mix things up a bit. Luna here has a shorter skirt, poofy gathered sleeves. The dress fabric is made out a marvelously soft flannel… I added the ruffle and button along the front for some interest. These photo’s are just quick snapshots, once I’ve completed a few more dolls I intend on setting up a proper photo shoot for all the new dolls!


And then we have Ethel, who’s dress I’m kind of in love with. If I hade more money I’d make myself a dress out of that fabric! The pattern is delightful, and it’s made of a soft cotton, the skirt is very full with tiny gathers at the waist. I’m trying out a new skirt pattern, doing gathered rectangles rather than a circle skirt. I think I like it.


And last but not least, we have Nellie, who’s got the shortest dress yet! Oo la la! I’m also kind of in love with this fabric as well. (Who am I kidding, I love all the fabrics! thus why it was chosen…. >_> )


So things are coming along rather nicely. I plan on having this first run of a dozen+ dolls done by the end of April. Then they will become available for sale shortly thereafter. If there’s a particular doll that has caught your eye and you’d like to reserve it let me know! I’m splitting up my inventory between real-life shops and an etsy store. With any luck by the time I’ve finished these dolls spring will have arrived!!!


What are your thoughts?

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