The Sanctuary

I love looking at other people’s houses…but not in a creepy way. ( Ok, sometimes in a creepy way….why wouldn’t you close the curtains if you have all the lights on at night?) But I am fascinated by the way people use their space. You can learn so much about someone if you look at where/how they live.  Pictures tell stories… but this is a soapbox for another day. Today, I would like to invite you to come and look at my house! Well part of it at least. I’d like to show you my creating space. Rob and I were recently blessed with a spacious, nice, two bedroom apartment. That second bedroom….now my craft room. Oh baby!

craft room

One of my favorite things about this space is the light. I adore and thrive off of light like a needy plant. My craft room has a great big window that faces north, so the light is always soft and beautiful. It also looks across the quiet road into a beautiful patch of forest. Complete with white pine and paper birch, two of my favorite trees! And when the sun goes down…which it does so early this time of year. I have plenty of christmas lights and lamps so I can see what I’m doing.

It’s a wonderful space. I have plenty of shelving and crates, so most of my fabric and books are nice and organized. I have a perfect computer workspace set up, and a separate crafting table , so neither spaces get too cluttered to work in. It is for the most part a very efficient space. Which is something very near and dear to my heart. There is also a huge closet! But we don’t want to look in there right now…… that’s a project for another day.

My craft room is a still a little chaotic and unsettled, but it has been by far one of the best places to create in that I’ve had for a few years now. This is where most of my posts are coming to you from. There’s usually at least one cat puddle in the room keeping my company and “helping” me make stuff. A cup of delicious coffee on hand, some NPR, Pandora or Netflix and I am a crafting fiend!

a Panoramic view of the whole room

(*note, If you click on the pictures it will make them larger and can be viewed in a slideshow format.)

See what I mean about the light? It just fills up the whole room!

A while ago I printed and cropped a bunch of instagrams,

I’ve seen variations of this display method, and decided it was a great idea!

The walls in our apartment are a sort of textured plaster, which makes it very difficult to get sticky-tack to stick, and thumbtacks put HUGE holes in the wall, so this way I only had to use 3 thumbtacks and can display multiple pictures and change them out easily…if I’m so inclined.

I love this space, I have my fabrics, yarns, misc. crafting supplies, my computer/office nook, plenty of floor space for cutting out big patterns for dresses and clothing and such. I have discovered that for me personally it’s important to have a creative space that has a good workflow, organization, light and space! I really struggle to create happily when the space I’m in is dysfunctional. Well at least the big projects, I keep a crochet basket or sketchbook by my chair in the living room, so when Rob and I are watching Netflix together I can keep my hands busy. The other great thing about having a craft room? I can make a mess start a new project and leave it there until I have a chance to come back to it! Someday I’ll have a permanent craft room, with floor to ceiling shelving and cupboards, big huge worktables in the middle of the room, workbenches around the side…and maybe a woodworking shop off to the side there. But for now, the spare bedroom route is fantastic!

What kind of space do you create in?


2 thoughts on “The Sanctuary

  1. I love the idea of printing out your instagrams and hanging them up, it looks great! And I also love the light in your house, it’s great, it just brings so much warmth to a space when you have a lot of light coming in. Our apartment is looking much different with the addition of our pet, a bunny, and now everything in the living area is changed up. Pillows block corners she can squeeze in and her play pen is right in front of the tv area so she can watch tv if she likes! It’s amazing how even a tiny addition to your family changes everything up!

    1. thank you! Pets certainly do have a way of taking over our homes (and hearts!) My 3 cats are always underfoot in the way, and entertaining us with their antics! I popped over to your blog, sorry to hear about the escaped kitty. (My guess is that he went back home, I’ve had cats in the past that do that…I think they like the adventure!) It was really sweet of your husband to help bring him in even though he’s allergic!

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